Email Marketing Crash Course

As a business owner, one of the problems that you face every day is how to make profit out of your investment. Because of that, different kinds of marketing strategies and schemes are being imposed by almost every company in the world. According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing is still the king of the mountain when it comes to the marketing world. It has a 38,000 percent return on investment percentage! That means that out of every pound that you spend, you are getting 38 pounds out of it. This is why companies such as Infusionsoft are getting more and more popular especially with small to medium sized business. So, before you buy Infusionsoft, here are some things that you should learn about email marketing.

What is email marketing?

When you buy Infusionsoft, it usually comes with an email marketing program, an automated sender and a CRM system (Client Relations Manager). So, what is email marketing? Email marketing is an advertisement sent via email to a list of contacts. Sometimes, these emails are targeted to a certain demographic or type of shopper.

Why is it effective?

When you buy Infusionsoft, one of the things that you can expect is the number of people that will hear of your product or service might increase. Another interesting statistic that Campaign Monitor reported is that businesses that use email marketing have a 66% percent click compared to those who use twitter. The main reason for this success is that, most people nowadays have emails. According to the Raddicati Group, there are currently 4.7 billion email addresses in the world. In addition to that, according to HubSpot, around 50 percent of these people read their emails on a regular basis. This gives you around 2.35 billion contacts to market to!

CRM and its relationship to email marketing

CRM or client relations manager is a software that allows business owners to organize their data. It arranges data per customer profile. It also allows the employees of a company to keep track of the customer’s history with the business. Because of this, it allows email marketers to send emails that will coincide with the customer’s shopping habits. In addition to that, it allows a business to retain their customers a lot easier via coupons or rewards.

Things to remember

Remember that despite how good the numbers are showing for Infusionsoft, it still boils down to how good your product is and choosing the right Infusionsoft consultancy. Infusionsoft is only a tool that will help you achieve success – if not utilized well, then your desired results won’t be attained. Another point to ponder on is that hiring an Infusionsoft certified consultant will not only assure you that they know how to do the job but will also make sure you are getting authentic software as well.

Email marketing is a very powerful tool if done correctly. So, make sure that the firm that you are dealing with is an Infusionsoft certified partner. In addition to that, always take note of the economy because that dictates the spending and shopping habits for most customers. In short, be an educated business owner.

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